Suzanne Johnston
Flagler County Tax Collector

Dealer Information and Updates

Motor Vehicle dealers, as well as the public, are encouraged to visit this page to check for updates in registration law, form requirements and general information that is useful to dealers and individuals alike.

September 16, 2009:
The ELT (electronic lienholder) list, insurance company search and personalized plate availability links have been added to the bottom of the page for your convience. The ELT list has the DMV account number and the FEID number. The insurance company search looks for the 5-digit code that is needed.

September 3, 2009:
FYI: The vehicle information and driver license check pages have been moved to the bottom of the page under the fee listing.

July 13, 2009:
As of July 1, there will no longer be any use of the term "motor scooter". All vehicles registered and title in Florida that meet the following definition will be titled as Motorcycle regardless of the CC's. Even if the MCO states "motor scooter", the State of Florida will register and title as a "motorcycle".

Motorcycle - any motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than 3 wheels in contact with the ground. Exemptions: Moped - peddles like a bicycle; tractor or a motor vehicle in which the operator is enclosed by a cabin.

Reminder: All the forms that are needed for title transfers will need to be downloaded off the internet. You can either get them from this site under "Forms" or from the state site: click here. The only form we will have in the office are the long Power of Attorneys (82995) and rainbows (82994).

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