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Parking Permits for Disabled Persons

General Information

Application Requirements

Do's and Don'ts for Using a Florida Disabled Parking Permit

Reciprocity Between States

Wheelchair Symbol License Plates

Parking Permit Application



Disabled Parking Permits

Section 320.0848, Florida Statutes, provides for parking permit placards to be issued for use by disabled persons who have long-term, permanent or temporary mobility impairment, or who are legally blind or temporarily sight-impaired.


1. The application (HSMV 83039) for the disabled parking permit must be completed by the applicant and the applicant's licensed physician or practitioner.

2. A new application must be submitted upon every replacement or renewal, unless the certification date on file is less than one year old.

3.The applicant must have either a Florida Driver License or identification card, with the special exception of severely disabled persons who are unable to obtain one (see application for physician's special exception certification).

4.A subsequent permit may be issued to any disabled person who is a quadriplegic or is a frequent traveler as follows:

A frequent traveler must indicate on the application form that he or she frequently travels and needs one permit to park a vehicle at the place of departure and another permit to use at the destination.

5. Fees:

Permanent Permit Free
Subsequent Permit Free
Replacement Permit Free
Temporary Permit* $15
Second Temporary* Free

 * A temporary permit may be issued up to 6 months.  The fee remains the
same regardless of the number of days for which it is issued.


Correct use of a disabled parking permit:

1. Once parked, hang your permit on your rearview mirror.


2. Hang your permit so the expiration date can be seen.


3. Have your permit registration with you at all times.


4. Make sure your permit is not expired.


5. Park properly in disabled space.

6. Remove your permit before driving.


7. Replace your permit immediately if lost.


8. Return your permit to DMV if the permit is no longer needed.




10. Be courteous to police or parking officials.



Incorrect use of a disabled parking permit:


1. Don't use someone else's permit (including relatives).


2. Don't park in the Access Aisle (Stripped Area). The fine for parking in the Access Aisle is $250.00, even with a permit.


3. Don't drive with your permit hanging on the rearview mirror.


4. Don't use an expired permit.


5. Don't put your permit on the dash with the expiration date covered.          

6. Don't let anyone else use your permit, including close family members and relatives. (Permits are registered to persons,  not vehicles).



Section 316.1958, Florida Statutes, provides that motor vehicles displaying a license plate or parking permit issued to a disabled person by any other state or district subject to laws of the United States shall be recognized as a valid plate or permit, allowing such vehicle the special parking privileges in Florida, provided such other state or district grants reciprocal recognition for disabled residents of this state.  However, if an individual is required by law to have a Florida driver license or Florida vehicle registration, a special license plate or parking permit issued by another state, district, or country to persons who have disabilities is not valid.


 Wheelchair Symbol License Plates:

Any Florida resident who qualifies for a permanent disabled parking placard and owns or leases a vehicle is eligible to receive a wheelchair symbol license plate
as well as a parking placard.